3D-StructionA Scooby-Doo! ChristmasA Scooby-Doo Halloween
A Terrifying Round with a Menacing Metallic ClownAlex, Jake and ErnieArthur Burghardt
Baseball SpectreBig Appetite in Little TokyoBig Scare in the Big Easy
Block-Long Hong Kong HorrorBob TaylorBrian Tochi
Brook BjorkBurr BatsonCamp Comeoniwannascareya
Casey KasemCat CreatureCelia Clyde
Chinese DragonChris and TerryChrissie
Colleen O'ShaughnesseyCrawdad MikeCrissie
CrunchyCyrus T BufordDanica LeBlake
Daphne BlakeDaran NorrisDee Bradley Baker
Diamonds Are a Ghouls Best FriendDinosaur SpiritE-scream
Elliot BinberEpisodesFaceless Phantom
Farmed and DangerousFrank WelkerFred Jones
Fred TatascioreFright House of a LighthouseFrozen Fiend
GalinaGentlemen, Start Your Monsters!Gibby Norton
Glasburgh DragonGo West, Young ScoobGold Paw
Greg EllisGrey DelisleHeather Lane
High-Tech House of HorrorsHomeward HoundImage Gallery
Invisible MadmanIt's All Greek to ScoobyIt's Mean, It's Green, It's the Mystery Machine
J.J. HakimotoJames Arnold TaylorJane Weilden
Jeff BennettJennifer HaleJim Cummings
Jimmy ProudwolfJohn DiMaggioJohn Stephenson
Jonas SulkJustin Bunnell's Favorite What's New Scooby GirlsKeiko Tanaka
Kevin Michael RichardsonKimberly BrooksLarge Dragon at Large
Lauren TomLights! Camera! Mayhem!List of Guest Stars
List of VillainsList of Voice ActorsList of characters
LocationsLoreli LelandLysander
Mark HamillMelbourne O'ReillyMindy Cohn
Motoshandu Sea MonsterMr. BMummy Scares Best
New Mexico, Old MonsterNick JamesonPhil LaMarr
Pompeii and CircumstancePrince Kazzaal Al-FamirProfessor Laslow Ostwald
Ready to ScareRecipe for DisasterReef Grief!
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